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I had the privilege to be a part of the Delpiero School of Management,and I have had the pleasure of witnessing thousands of careers taking off and dreams coming true. It is a moment of great pride when our students turn to face the world, emboldened by their experiences at DSM School of Management, one of the leading management institutes in Kolkata today and realize their dreams.You are reading this message because you are also looking forward to start something that will transform your life and contribute to the overall advancement of the planet.I am confident you have taken the first step towards making that transformation happen. Over the years, we have accepted student merit as the key currency for admissions.We understand that management education is ever changing and continuously evolving.That is why our focus has been to strengthen industry interaction to know our employer expectation which has enabled repeated arrival of companies for recruiting our students year after year. Our determination, conviction and perseverance have helped us to keep our roots intact.On the completion of our 10th year of academic excellence, we renew our commitment to uplift the standards of education. We welcome all the students to join DSM School of Management with a vision to excel and march progressively towards excellence.

Our Vision

DSM School of Management aspires to bring a revolution in becoming global leaders in the education sector. We will create a supportive learning environment that will generate professionals and leaders for the industry in future.

Our Mission

- Support advanced technology driven, industry exposure and expert faculty members to give students competitive edge in global careers

- To offer industry relevant curriculum to meet the ever growing demands of the service sector.

- To encourage reading and research to meet effective quality assurance standards for a well-structured progression of the studentís career path

- Encourage students to critically reflect on theoretical and practical approaches towards behaviour,work and organizations in the hospitality, hotel, hospital, and information technology and business management.

- To provide students with the ability to cultivate, establish and fulfill human needs to identify and solve professional challenges in a creative way

- Perceive the significance of social,economic and environmental needs


- Commitment to excellence in education
- Quality and cost effective education delivery
- Respect, responsiveness and compassion towards everyone
- Integrity, transparency, and accountability
- Fair, equitable allocation of resources and opportunities for students
- Appreciation and celebration of diversity

Expert Faculty

Our faculty comprises of academics and industry experts from India and abroad who shares their rich experience and experienced skills.They provide our students with classroom learning,group learning,practical examples and real case studies,facilitating interactive sessions with in-depth industry insights. Faculty membersguide students to achieve the 3 pillars of DSM School of Management (Education, Internshipand Personality Development). Faculty members mentor students in participating with enthusiasm in all their academic, athletics, cultural and extra-curricular pursuits.DSM School of Management faculty believes teaching is also about learning and therefore they are continuously upgrading themselves.We ensure responsiveness towards faculty needs and constantly find ways to address and provide direction for future teaching and learning innovations.
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